Server Rules

It is your responsibility as a member of RegenRP to keep up to date with the rules!

Rule 1 – Mic Requirement 

All members of the community are required to have a working mic when playing on the server, you must only play when you are available to talk in game and must have “push to talk” enabled at all times.

Rule 2 – Character

When creating a character, you must ensure that you have an appropriate and realistic age, name, and nationality. Create and stick to a story for your character, this makes it easier for you to roleplay. Your character’s outfits must also be realistic, making outfits where you can see through the clothes would be in a breach of this rule.

Rule 3 – Language

Members of the community must have a basic understanding of the English language and be able to have a full conversation with others, this is because we require all of our community to speak English at all times in game to ensure that our staff team can understand and monitor situations.

Rule 4 – Bullying / Harrasment 

Any form of harassment, bullying or ridicule towards (including but not limited to) individuals, races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities or ages will lead to an instant ban from our servers.

Rule 5 – No Value of Life

When you are put in a dangerous situation where your life may be threatened following on with the scenario is important to create a realistic situation. Pulling a gun on someone who already has a weapon aimed on you is classified as “No Value of Life’’. ‏‏‎ ‎

Rule 6 – Breaking Character

At all times Breaking character in a situation breaks immersion for other players and may interfere with an ongoing situation. This also goes for mentioning out of character stuff while in character or bringing ‘beef’ over from one character to another or treating someone differently because of something they did to you on a different character. ‏‏‎

Rule 7 – Meta Gaming

Using or relaying information which your character did not learn in game (TeamSpeak, Discord, Twitch and Chats included) to shape in game roleplay.

Rule 8 – Combat Logging

Logging out of the server or respawning at a hospital to avoid being arrested or to get away from a situation will lead to further punishments. Respawning in the middle of a situation is classified as combat logging even if you are able to do it. ‏‏‎ ‎

Rule 9 –  GTA 5 Driving / Stunt jumps

Slight ramps and jumps are allowed, but anything considered to be no value of life will be dealt with.

Example: the small jump off the freeway at red garage is fine, where the jump off a freeway ramp is not.

Rule 10 –  Restricted areas

There are two types of restricted areas, there are “restricted areas” which you as a player are not allowed to enter at all. this is because it would be unrealistic for you to enter that area. The other restricted area is a “Restricted Crime Area” Which is placed to allow players to enter but not commit any form of crime in there, again this could be because it would be unrealistic for you to commit crime in that area.

Current Restricted Areas

  • Navy carrier
  • Military Base


Current Restricted Crime Areas

  • All hospitals
  • All Police Stations
  • Prison (exception would be a prison break)

Rule 11 –  Political or controversial matters

Do not bring real life political situations into the game (like Black Lives Matter, Me Too movement, 9/11) or roleplay as a controversial political group/individual. ‏‏‎ ‎

Rule 12 –  Random Deathmatch (RDM)

Killing someone without creating an in-depth scenario beforehand will never be permitted. RDM also goes for shooting/stabbing someone who has only called you names or something similar. Before any form of violent action can be taken there needs to be a planned scenario behind to support it and not for minor situations. In addition, there must be an initiation in character as well. ‏‏‎ ‎

Rule 13 – Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

Running someone over without any proper roleplay reason or story behind it will fall under this rule. Before any violent action is taken the situation should be well thought through and looked at from a realistic point of view. ‏‏‎ ‎

Rule 14 –  New Life Rule

When downed and you are respawning at the hospital. Your character will forget all the events leading to being downed up to being downed in the current scenario. You are not allowed to respawn when you are under vision of Police or EMS. Or when you are notified Police or EMS will be on the way.

Rule 15 – Permanent death of a character

You can permanently kill your character, meaning: your character is gone for good (deleted). You can roleplay this out with EMS or with Cops when they perform medical. Once your character has been killed, you will not be able get that character back and will have to play another character. As a player you are not allowed to permanently kill another persons character unless that has been discussed with the party before the role play has taken place

Rule 16 – Torture RP

Torture RP is allowed however any form of long lasting damage, eg cutting off someone’s legs, hands ect is not allowed.

Rule 17 – Account Sharing

Sharing your account does not make sense in RP and nor does it make sense OOC. Sharing your account is not allowed in any way, shape or form. This is including but not limited to selling your steam account.

Rule 18 –  Four Player Limit

NOTE: Police are exempt from this rule as it’s needed for what they do on the server. They have their own strict protocols to ensure fair situations.

It is required to only have (4) people as a maximum involved in any shootout or criminal activity. For example: If you and (3) other friends get involved in a shootout or criminal activity with cops or civilians in game you shouldn’t ‘call in’ for more friends to join your shootout or criminal activity. You may use your whole team to plan but only 4 to execute. This also applies to any activity that does not involve police. If there is a civilian shootout or criminal activity only involving civilians, the 4 player requirement still applies at all times.

Please be aware this only applies to criminal activities and shootouts.

In a robbery or any other situation, hostages do not count towards this number. A fake hostage, however, does count towards the number. A fake hostage is defined as a hostage who is friends with the suspect(s) and/or is willingly taking part in the robbery.

Rule 19 – Cool Down

In any civilian vs. civilian situation that involved violence, there should be a 60 minute (1 hour) cooldown period before retaliating. If you or your group members get ‘downed’ in any scenario that you are involved in, you should not be getting revived and then immediately trying to go for retaliation. You should be taking the time to come up with a proper roleplay scenario and be taking the time to heal. This rule will be strictly enforced to prevent chaos.

Rule 20 – Gang Discords

Any and all Discord servers except for the official Gangs & Businesses Discord used for gangs are considered metagaming.

Rule 21 – Drug Sales

A gang/faction that distributes drugs, is not allowed to corner-sell their own drug or let other people corner-sell it FOR them. You are still allowed to sell other drugs.

Fineprint that applies to all rules: 
The rules are to be used as an overview to roughly see what is not allowed. In any situation, outside of the rules, it’s at the staff’s discretion to take action if they see it as necessary to keep the server safe from for example toxicity or abuse.