Server Guide

Key Binds and Commands

TAB – Inventory

F1 – Phone

F2 – Crouch

F3 – Emotes Menu

F5 – Clothing Menu

U – Ragdoll

L – Lock / Unlock Vehicle

G – Hotbar

X –  Hands up

Z – Interaction Menu

/cash – View your cash

/givekeys [ID] – Give keys to your current vehicle to another player

/enter – This allows you to enter a nearby property if there is one near


Hunting can be done with both a licence and without. It is illegal for someone to hunt without a license. All the equipment needed for hunting can be found at the hunting shop that is located at the top left side of the map, in the hunting hut. To hunt legally you will need a licence, musket and a knife to enable you to skin the deer

As of now the only animals that you can skin is the deer

Hotdog Selling

If you would like to make a bit of money on the side, you head to the hot dog hut around legion and sell hotdogs to the NPCs. In order for you to make them you will need to complete a mini-game using your arrow keys on your keyboard. Depending on how you do will determine a different grade of hotdog, this will increase or decrease the price of the hotdogs.

You will need a small sum of money as a deposit to start