Meet the Team




I’m Mike. I’ve been in the FiveM world for ~5 years now. Together with the Development Team I ensure quality and features on the server. When playing, I can usually be seen on a law-enforcement character.



Hey! My name is Jordan, but I am mostly known for playing Lil Tommy. I am currently studying Computing and have been doing so for the last year. I started coding on FiveM. However, after helping out for a few months, I decided to take a break from FiveM. Not long ago, I was asked to come and help develop RegenRP and I have now found my passion for development once again.



Hello, my name is Rob! I started playing FiveM around 5 years ago and after a couple of years I decided to begin making interiors. I have been working on different releases over the years and I am now working with RegenRP to create unique MLOs for the FiveM community.

My website:


All of our staff members can be found on our discord. If you have any problems regarding RegenRP or the community, feel free to reach out to one of them. All of our team members, regardless of role and department, are contactable. If you have any issues, then please make sure to contact one of them through a direct message or open a ticket on the discord.