Gang / Faction / Group Rules

(2.1) Four Player Requirement

NOTE: Police are exempt from this rule as it’s needed for what they do on the server. They have their own strict protocols to ensure fair situations.

It is required to only have (4) people as a maximum involved in any shootout or criminal activity. For example: If you and (3) other friends get involved in a shootout or criminal activity with cops or civilians in game you shouldn’t ‘call in’ for more friends to join your shootout or criminal activity. You may use your whole team to plan but only 4 to execute. This also applies to any activity that does not involve police. If there is a civilian shootout or criminal activity only involving civilians, the 4 player requirement still applies at all times.

Please be aware this only applies to criminal activities and shootouts.

(2.2) Cool Down

In any violent situation, there should be a 20 minute cooldown period before retaliating. If you get ‘downed’ in any scenario that you are involved in, you should not be getting revived and then immediately trying to go for retaliation. You should be taking the time to come up with a proper roleplay scenario and be taking the time to heal.

(2.3) Gang Discords

We understand that all gang members want to have a private discord that they share information and speak within, however, to prevent metagaming we ask that all registered factions invite a member of the management team to the discord. There will not actively speak nor look in the discord however they will have access to it in a situation where needed.

If you do not want to invite a member of the management team to the discord and you are found metagaming then your faction could face being removed from the registered faction list.

In addition, ALL server rules will be applied to this as well.