Are you enjoying the community? If you feel like you would like to show us your love by donating money towards the server costs then that would be greatly appreciated.

What does my money get used for?

While running the server we do have many costs that have to be paid on a regular basis, mostly monthly. This can include the dedicated server, web hosting, software and FiveM Patreon (we need to use FiveM Patreon to enable the community to use custom clothing and also have more than 32 player slots in the server. All the money that is donated goes back into the community, whether it be for the server costs listed above or for additional content such as custom clothing, maps and vehicles.

Do I get anything for donating?

While we appreciate peoples donations we would like to avoid members of the community being able to pay to get an advantage in game. However we do feel like if members of the community who choose to donate should be thanked for their contribution to the server. We believe the best way for this is to give all people who donate above €10 a small priority in the queue to connect. Please bear in mind that this is a monthly payment as we want to ensure that it is fair for the people who continue to show support on a monthly basis by doing so we ensure that queue priority is constantly changing allowing different members of the community to get priority at different times.