Discord Rules

Rules are subject to change. Please also follow Discord Community Guidelines and ToS.

Hello and welcome to RegenRP!

To make sure everyone in our community has a good experience, some rules are enforced on Discord. Breaking these rules can lead to a variety of consequences like getting muted, kicked, or even banned from the Discord.

General Rules

  • To avoid having your nickname changed, avoid that your nickname:
    • Offends people
    • Is blank
    • Promotes a website
    • Is sexually explicit or in any other way inappropriate
  • No offensive profile pictures allowed
  • Do not send unsolicited DM’s to other users in this discord
  • Do not exploit loopholes in the rules

Chat Rules

  • Do not @mention staff. If you need staff, wait for them to reply.
  • Do not randomly mention other users in the Discord
  • No bullying
  • No arguing
  • No trolling
  • Do not reveal someone’s personal information
  • Do not start drama
  • Advertisements for other servers are not allowed
  • No metagaming (sharing in-game information)