Welcome to RegenRP

Welcome to RegenRP!

Join the fun: Search for RegenRP or connect to fivem.regenrp.com

RegenRP is a FiveM Roleplay server. We strive to create the best roleplay environment for everyone. We also strive for all of our players to stay professional and enjoy the roleplay at all times. We are an open-minded community with a main focus on roleplay standards. Our voice chat-based server will provide you with the best roleplaying experience!

Welcome to a world where you define yourself. The opportunities are endless here at RegenRP.

What we offer at RegenRP

Police, EMS, delivery driver, they’re just a handful of the available jobs. You will be able to choose from a diverse range of jobs and activities to fulfil your characters dreams in roleplay.

Throw yourself into a hurricane of unforeseen roleplay possibilities and experiences. At RegenRP, each day will be different than the one before.


Mechanic's Shop

Need your vehicle repaired? No problem! We have an amazing mechanics system ready to repair vehicles at the custom mechanics shop!


Impound Lot

Are you worried about your vehicle after it has been impounded by the police? Don’t worry! Our brand new RegenRP custom impound lot will ensure the safety of your vehicle during its stay there!



With our custom hunting shop and activity, you can hone your skills in the wild to track and hunt for deer. This is a great way to make money and a really fun activity! Be aware, a license is needed and there is hunting zones!